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p> has posted a new preview chapter from Words of Radiance.  This is an interlude chapter introducing a new character in a part of Roshar we haven’t seen before.  It was apparently chosen for its non-spoiler-ishness.

Words of Radiance is on track to release in March 2014.

Last Updated on Saturday, 15 February 2014 06:45

The cover for Stormlight #2, Words of Radiance, has been revealed. has the art and comments by artist Michael Whelan.

Hot on the heels of this comes word that the novel’s release date has been tentatively moved to March 4, 2014 because Brandon needed some more time to work on revisions.

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 February 2014 10:04
Celebrating Brandon Sanderson’s Gemell Legend Award for The Way of Kings – and Stormblessed ‘s 1st birthday (July 5!), we have 2 ways for you to win a Way of Kings promotional bag (those small blue ones from Tor) and bookmark.
Last day to enter is July 11.  This is open to people from anywhere.  Some bags will be signed, some unsigned.

How to enter:
1 – Follow us on Twitter and use hashtag #stormblessed to tell something you like or would like to change about our site.
2 – Join our facebook group and post on our wall something you like or would like to change about our site.  (We have not been converted to the new group format yet, so you may need to re-join later after that happens – but you can still enter and win a bag whether you want to rejoin or not)
Comments on this post will not count as an entry.
Watch your Facebook or Twitter messages next week – we’ll need your mailing address if you win!
Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 February 2014 11:56

We began hearing last night that The Way of Kings has won the David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Novel.  Congratulations to Brandon Sanderson!  He’s had several prior nominations, even getting two books on the short list at the same time both this year and last year.

Some people saw this as a surprise and an upset, given that Brandon’s other nomination this year was alongside Robert Jordan for Towers of Midnight.  That, too, is a great book, and apparently The Wheel of Time has not received a major award so far.  It certainly should have, and as a WoT fan also, I’d be very happy to see that happen.  But if Robert Jordan only won an award, at long last, for one of the volumes he didn’t get to finish, that would seem to be less credit than he’s really due.  I hope someone will give the series as a whole a shot at recognition for its contribution to the genre.

The Way of Kings, meanwhile, is fully deserving of this win.  (Naw, we’re not biased here. :)  )

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 February 2014 11:51